Monday, August 31, 2009

Crowded Creativity

Lefsetz Letter brought this article to my attention today:

Did you read that article in today’s "New York Times" about Microsoft’s response to the Apple "Get A Mac" ads? Deep in, at the bottom of the second to last column, it says this:

"On Madison Avenue, they say that the more hands that touch an advertisement, the worse it becomes."

That’s the beef, but the article continues:

"Microsoft felt differently. ‘They thought the more people saw it and gave an opinion, the better it would be,’ Mr. Musser said. ‘That’s how you develop great software. It’s not how you develop great creative.’"

...So what are the implications for creativity planning for the gathering of followers of Jesus Christ, aka, the church?

Have you ever seen creativity spark in a small group only to see that spark extinguished as more people become part of the discussion? "Sure," you say, "but we need those people to act as quality control in the process. To think of all of the pitfalls that the small group never considered." I agree. It appears to me that there are two elements at work here - one is creative, the other blatantly administrative. The one almost always hinders the other. It's the classic marketers versus bean counters scenario.

However, back to that original group, there's something about two or three people dreaming big - continuing to build upon where the other left off with the dream. And sometimes more, well, it doesn't make the dream bigger, it just makes the dream

And I guess that just doesn't feel like dreaming at all.

When did Jesus play it safe?

May we dream big with expectations of more than we can imagine.