Monday, March 30, 2009

Brass Tacks

A reading from Sasha Dichter's blog:

"To thank someone in a way that touches and moves them, you have to feel real gratitude.

To be outstanding at customer service, you have to want your customers to love your product, not aspire to satisfaction.

To have you employees consistently make the right decisions, they have to care about the brand, the company, and its success.

Faking it only gets you so far.  To give yourself over totally to something, you have to care."

Just makes me think...

In communities of faith around this country we see pastors encouraging their local body to be more loving, more giving, more welcoming, more servant-hearted, more selfless, more genuine, more relevant, more incarnational, more intentional...

...and you realize that no game face can ever fill the void of lifeless, impassionate people living lives of insignificance propped up by the fascade of religion in a box.

Jesus, may I see you.  May I really see you and live life uncensored the rest of my days.