Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Better Walk With a Limp

I struggle with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

I over-complicate.  

I over-simplify.

I don't have it figured out.

I never will.

And I'm so glad.

What do you struggle with?

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Mary Stucchi said...

Mannnn... I HEAR YOU!! I haven't been online in what seems like forever and I'd love to write a post on this VERY topic.
Man, don't we ALL struggle with the teachings of Jesus Christ???
What he did and does demands my life, my love, my all ... This is RADICAL. This life he's called us to is crazy and contrary ... yet, wait a minute, it's FREE.

I'm learning what it is to live in his freedom, but I'm scared that I will compromise his call to holiness, and I COMPLICATE THAT so often.
Yes, we complicate it.
I struggle with that indeed.

but it is a glorious war that He's already won...

Your family blesses my heart. Thanks Mike!