Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Speaking of Movies...

Yes, for realz. 

With the recent resurgence of Star Wars, no doubt fueled by The Clone Wars, is it any suprise that Mel Brooks and his cronies would do such a thing?

From Wired: "Darth Vader is huge. So why not just make the Spaceballs version, Dark Helmet, short? That's funny, right? Why not name the old green wizard in Spaceballs Yogurt? See? It sort of looks like Yoda. And you can eat yogurt. Classic. And, if Star Wars built much of its story line on The Force,Spaceballs has The Schwartz — a Yiddish-y lightsaber that extends from the crotch. Unpack the Humanitas Prize.

All you need to do is take jokes like these and explain them to exhaustion, and you have the level of parody Spaceballs: The Animated Series offers."

Yeah.  But that movie made me laugh...

I'll watch it once just for sport.

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Travis Greene said...

This seems odd. I mean, I like Spaceballs, but why not Blazing Saddles: The Animated Series? Or Young Frankenstein: On Ice?