Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wheew, What a Great Week...

I just finished up four days of leading worship in Central Florida.  I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Well, most minutes of it.  

Thursday and Friday found me and a few others from The Roots Community over in Orlando leading at Blossom 08.  Blossom is a "convergence for praying, conversing, partnering, and living sent to blossom churches that reproduce churches contextually."    Blossom is put on by Reproducing Churches, the people I work with as a consultant for worship leaders and church plants.  This year my crew joined with others to lead worship for the conference over at Windermere Community Church.  The conversations, ideas, thoughts - all incredibly inspiring.  It was great to hear from people like Neil Cole and Alex McManus.  

Saturday evening we were back at The Roots Community for our gathering.  Good worship.  Good teaching.  Good stuff.

Sunday morning me and the crew from Roots Community were back at 4 Corners Baptist leading worship for their service.  My pastor, Jesse, was guest preaching.  Had a great time there ministering with the 4 Corners people.  They are the owners of the facility where we (Roots Community) meet.  For free.  Did I mention that?  Amazing.

Sunday evening we were back out to Lakeland to lead worship for a small gathering through Reproducing Churches.  The goal was to come together for a time of extended worship and prayer to seek God's direction for new church plants in central Florida.  Had a great time of worship and was able to spend time with some old friends and new friends from all across central Florida.  Charlie, Tim, Nathan, Megan, Kevin, Erin - a fine group of musicians.  Father Wade over at First Christian was crazy cool to offer their place up, too.  

So I came home, collapsed, slept late, and didn't want to get up Monday.  Or Tuesday.  I was tired.  But, somehow, it's that "good" tired.  You know, like the way you feel after a workout.  Endorphins.  I guess.  Or knowing that every once in a while you live life in a way that really matters.  This week mattered.

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