Friday, September 26, 2008

File Under: Things I Could Have NEVER Pulled Together Myself

About an hour and a half ago I left for the Post Office to send off the last batch of letters asking for support for our ministry.  And I thought I was just going to the Post Office...

Little did I know that I would end up seeing Michael Hasha, The Ridge Association Director of Missions, across the street talking in front of his office.  This is the guy who works with local churches for various types of support.  He's "there" for people.  This was convenient because I wanted to be sure to thank him for passing my name along to someone recently for some help with music.  He invited me in.

Let me back up.  Today has been tough.  I'm whiny.  Not over nothing, but over things like rent, car payment, power bill, insurance bill, cell phone bill, internet bill, and then a few other things like car a/c and general uncertainty.  Do you ever have those times when your faith is so inpenetrable and other times when you feel like you need a friend to literally hold you up and speak good things into you?  I need the latter today.

So Mike and I sit down to chat.  In the meantime I see a guy, Frank, I met a few weeks back.  Frank is a budding young worship leader and recently asked about me taking some time to mentor him.  That's what I'm called to do.  What are the odds I would run into him there?  Do you know that I've been associated with the Ridge Association for almost five years and never been inside that office?  hmmm.

A few moments later I have the priviledge to meet Tom, a local pastor that happens to be looking for someone to come in and give them a hand with worship through music.  Again, how crazy that this unplanned trip is bringing so much opportunity.

During the discussion Mike proceeds to let me know of some local needs and opportunities; some things that I love to do and would also provide income for my family.  He's making a call to the head of music for the FL Baptist Convention just for me.  How nice is that?

How did all of this happen?  I chose to show some appreciation to someone I barely know.  Am I suggesting that none of these opportunities would have come about without me seeking Mike out today at the Post Office?  No.  But it's incredibly unlikely.  Either way, these things would not have rolled into play so quickly.

Love God.  Love others.  Mike was the other.  I was the other.  

Thanks, God.  I sure needed that boost today.  

Keep cool my babies,


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A Carbo Experience said...

I just LOVE it when God shows up so unexpectedly like that. I remember when my dad used to just surprise us and take us out of school for a day of adventure and fun. I will always see God through that filter. He takes us by surprise in the most unexpected ways and just blesses us. Praying for you brother and friend.