Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy...errr...Fireworks Day

I know you've already thought about it 50 times this week. I mean, of course, your plans for the fourth. I've done it too.

It seems that the 4th is about something more significant than fireworks, family, friends and barbecues. I know. I was surprised too.

I read it here.

In case you forgot,



Great Hypocrite said...

Now why no updates?

If you dont write, you are forgotten. ANd your hypocrisy in transition will never get a chance to fruit. :)


Mike said...

Good to see that someone pays attention? Are you a regular reader? Life has been busy - hence the lack of updates. Time's coming, however.


Great Hypocrite said...

I read you.. NO matter once in a blue moon. :)

I recently got caught up... I mean somebody found out who the hell i am. And I have not decided whether to carry it on ...

Anyways, I love reading fellow hypocrites.

Jen said...

It's almost November. Update already!!!