Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Too much of the time I feel dissatisfied.

I'm uncomfortable telling you that, but it's the truth. I suspect that most of you feel the same way much of time.

It's actually somewhere between "some of the time" and "much of the time." Maybe that's more honest. But, either way, it is too much of the time. Do you ever feel bad about something and then feel bad about feeling bad? A terrible vicious cycle usually brought about by our own poor decisions - decisions we knew better than to make - and culminating in yet another poor decision to feel sorry for ourselves.

But is there something that you are a part of that is incredibly satisfying? Is there something that moves you? Something that you miss when you're not a part of it? Something that is on your mind often? Something that you hunger for? Something that you need to be a part of? Something that would significantly decrease the quality of your life if you were not a part of it?

beacon12 is my something. What's beacon12 (hereafter referred to as b12, vitamin b12, b12 nation, b12 and the new power generation, b12 is one better than b11, b12 biv devoe, b12-a-palooza, or b12 / b4 = b3)? It's the band I've been a part of for a few years now.

I sing lead vocals. I play rhythm guitar. I play piano. I write and arrange. I book, promote, load, unload, talk, teach, shake hands, pray, listen, drive for hours, rent trailers, buy equipment, harass audio techs, create set lists, type text, make copies, etc. Individually - not all fun things. But all combined makes for a great day in the life.

I'm not alone in this. I know three other guys, Jeff, Justin and Seth, that all feel the same way. They're the other 3/4th's of the group.

You see, when all the "stuff" is done - we get to minister to people. Sometimes it's through songs. Sometimes it's through the talks after the event. Sometimes it's on the phone with the event coordinator 2 weeks out. Sometimes it's before or after a show - spending ten minutes with a guest speaker and encouraging each other. Sometimes it's having a talk with your opening act backstage and finding out some great things you never knew. I suppose it all boils down to opportunities to love. These experiences that come about through b12's ministry - these are experiences that I cherish.

We've been asking God to increase these opportunities. And they have increased in a major way. We haven't lifted a finger to book an event in a year now, and we've made more cash than in the previous couple of years combined. This was perfect, because we've been in the studio working on our second album - a full length release - and it's not cheap. We've ministered to thousands since we began. We've seen hundreds come to hear and accept the Gospel. The blessings are innumerable.

God has designed you for ministry. Ministry comes in various shapes and sizes, but it's all founded in two very simple principles that Jesus mentioned one day: love God, love others.

May you be satisfied through living the life you are called to live.


P.S. if you'd like to see about having b12 come out to your place, send an email over on our myspace.