Friday, January 5, 2007

Men and the Women They Need

Disclaimer: The following blog may only be applicable to the following:

1. Men married for more than one year
2. All women

I have determined that most married men (again, married for more than one trip 'round the sun) are stupid. OK, maybe it's just me. way it's just me.

It seems that I don't know how to do much of anything without my wife's assistance when it comes to many daily household and various other recurring duties. Not that I can't get these things done. OK, so some of them I can't get done - shutty. But I suddenly become the most inefficient person in the universe. Maybe it's my natural male instincts kicking in that determine that my ineptitude will get me out of doing the job altogether. Maybe I really am ignorant.

I am beginning to realize just how much my wife does for me on a daily basis - behind the scenes and otherwise. Bills (rather, the juggling of bills without bouncing a check off the wall, rim and backboard), kids, meals, schedules, birthdays, cards, thank you notes and a myriad other things I can't recall because she doesn't even bother me with them.

And not only my wife, but friends' wives too. Just the other day my wife gave me a pack of gum that was, evidently, sealed tighter than incriminating Watergate documents. The "other" wife present took the gum from me and opened it up in precisely .08 seconds flat and proceeds to hand me the pack along with a piece of gum. All the while I sit dumbfounded like a three-year-old. Little bit of drool. In my defense I had no fingernails to get into the pack of gum. But now that I say (type?) this out loud it does seem to be a weak defense. This type of incident is common.

Maybe you'd like to take a moment (yes, now, i mean, you wasted all this time reading so certainly you have a minute) and think about the women in your life that take care of you on a regular basis. Even if all they do it open a pack of gum for you - or the equivalent.

You'll feel better if you do.

It was on my heart....


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