Friday, January 19, 2007


I've been talking, typing, rather, back and forth with an old friend lately. He brings up a popular topic 'round religious and non-religious circles these days. Namely, the hypocrisy he sees within his own church body. He knows that he doesn't have all the answer yet inherently knows that something is seriously lacking within his church body. It's an old story.

I firmly believe that this generation will see the death of many pseudo-faith social groups that focus on self-preservation and suit-wearing exclusivity. Dare I say that many of these will be the local churches in which we grew up.

I'm growing weary of hearing about the irrelevant local church. Is this a new argument? Were 20-year-olds discussing a lack of relevance in their churches in 1907? Is your church relevant?
I read today about Mosaic church in Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of their pastor, Erwin McManus. He's a popular preacher, teacher, conference speaker, futurist, encourager, etc. I'd encourage you to check out their pod casts on iTunes. I promise you it's relevant. So Erwin was discussing how their church changed locations (i'm guessing here since I can't remember exactly) about 4 times in as many years. You see, they decided early on that if Mosaic became a place where they preached and reached only Christians - followers of Jesus Christ - that they would stop what they were doing and regroup. And they did.

Why are there 50 churches within 10 square miles of my very location that run less than 100 people on a Sunday; and those in attendance know 99% of the other attenders? Is that relevant to the Christ-less? What does that say about the people that make up that body? I'm really not sure what it means.

Maybe you attend church and maybe you don't. Either way, relevance matters. And the point at which I see it as irrelevant to my community, well that's where it becomes irrelevant to me as well. I think.

I'd love to end with some witty series of questions to pull responses from you guys, but I'm not feeling that bright. Crap.

Well, now that I've solved all the problems of the world....

It was on my heart...


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