Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Good Enough for Gospel

"That's good enough for gospel!" Ever heard that phrase? Historically this was a common phrase used among Nashville music circles. The idea was that gospel music was played and recorded at a level inferior to those of mainstream music. Imagine that. Some things never change.
I submit to you further proof that "good enough for gospel" is still a valid phrase: Gifted - Season One.! I don't really have much time for TV,so this show is all new to me. I have since found that a number of my friends are familiar with this show - most had seen a commercial at some point yet not seen the actual show. Airs on TBN - a Christian station, if you're not familiar. According to the site, Gifted is set apart because it's "not about image," but "about vocal talent, period."

I'm embarrassed. This is awful.

Where does the idea of Christians creating knock-offs of EVERYTHING end? Do you sometimes wonder why Christians seem to imitate "cool" things instead of simply being...i don't know...original? Think: 98% of all t-shirts sold in your local Christian bookstore.

Here's what rumbles around in my skull: The God of the Bible is an original. He is the Creator. He is the originator. He is the Instigator. He is the First and the Last. He is the source of original creativity. I think we short-change the ability for the Spirit to create in and through us when we are so quick to simply copy what is already happening.

I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to tell you about a great musician, a musician that is making an impact for Christ outside of Christian circles: Jonny Lang. Check out his website at He's a guitar virtuoso with a great mix of rock, blues and gospel. Respected industry-wide and has been since he was a kid. His testimony, his struggles, thoughts and aspirations are filtered through the love of Christ and woven through his latest album, Turn Around.

May you be an original for His glory.

It was on my heart...


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